16 September 2019

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1. All For Show  2. The Velocity of You (Radio Edit) 3. My Machine (Happy Mix)
4. Sometimes (City Mix) 5. Let's Go! 6. Always Watching (Everything You Do Mix)
7. Always Watching (Everything You Dub Mix)

Apple Music / Amazon / Google Play / Spotify

1. The Velocity of You 2. All For Show (Radio Edit) 3. In the Face of it All (Only You Mix)
4. My Machine (Alternate Reality Mix) 5. More Than Love 6. Home Tonight (State of Mind Mix)
7. Home Tonight (State of Mind Instrumental Mix)

24 July 2019

Now AVAILABLE on all your favorite streaming & download sites:


This is the first album from Hypersoul, released in March of 2008. 

The songs have been remastered and are now available everywhere,
along with the 2008 single Beautiful Lie.


30 August 2018

It's been awhile, but I am working on new music. I have a bunch of things in the hopper, but getting the songs ready for release is slow going. Hopefully in the not too-distant future you'll be able to hear what I've been working on. Can't wait!

22 April 2016

THE WHO YOU ARE releases today! 
It is now available on most platforms. 
Listen now. Download later. 
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