04 May 2023

More action on my part! I have been able to put in a consistent amount of work on new material. I have finished one song with a couple more closer to completion. And then there are a number of other songs at various stages waiting to be worked on, including recording vocals. I'm constantly switching around what song I work on so I don't get stuck in a ditch. It's a ton of work and is slow-going, so bit by bit I'm getting there. I'm pretty satisfied so far! Time will tell.

19 October 2022

Bubbling Back Up

It's been an age since I've posted anything. But more recently I have been trying to write/record new music. I actually have quite a number of new songs that I am arbitrarily working on. Some are further along than others. Unfortunately it is a very slow process, so I have no idea when I'll release new material. Having said that, I'm pretty energized by the songs that are furthest along. Eventually it'll be worth the wait!

04 August 2021

Remixed & Remastered for 2021!

are now avialable on your favorite streaming & download platforms! Every song has been updated and re-released.


Apple Music Amazon Spotify

1. All For Show  2. The Velocity of You (Radio Edit) 3. My Machine (Happy Mix)
4. Sometimes (City Mix) 5. Let's Go! 6. Always Watching (Everything You Do Mix)
7. Always Watching (Everything You Dub Mix)

Apple Music Amazon Spotify

1. The Velocity of You 2. All For Show (Radio Edit) 3. In the Face of it All (Only You Mix)
4. My Machine (Alternate Reality Mix) 5. More Than Love 6. Home Tonight (State of Mind Mix)
7. Home Tonight (State of Mind Instrumental Mix)

28 May 2020

What's old is new again!

The original 2012 release of the 11-song album, Oblivious, has been remastered and re-released! It is now arriving on all your favorite streaming platforms including Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify.



Apple Music / Amazon / Spotify

1. Gently  2. Oblivious  3. Two Faces  4. Justified  5. Hold My Breath
6. What In The World  7. The One  8. Free  9. I Do it Alone
10. Life Out Loud  11. Walk Away
[All tracks have been remixed & remastered for 2020]