19 March 2010

Sensational Remix on Compilation Album

BND Productions has just released "Modern Synthpop Vol. 1" and contains a remix by Synthetic FM of the song "Sensational" (track 10). Just click on over to check it out! The original version can still be found on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

11 March 2010

The Work Continues...

Spring is finally coming around. I much prefer warm weather to cold and the temps are starting warm up. Winter has been cold.

Work on the next album is still progressing. I have made headway with the songs, so I'd say i'm past the middle at this point. Still don't know when the release will happen, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Some of the songs that will be on the next album, in no particular order: Hold My Breath, Walk Away, Two Faces, Free, The One, and Life Out Loud. It's a slow process, but I like where everything is going.

In the mean time I am spending a lot of time playing soccer on my Over 30 Men's team in Raleigh. We recently played in the NC State Cup final, but lost 4-1. We still have an eye on playing in the Southeast Regionals in a few months. We'll see. We also lost 4-3 in the final of the Seaside Classic Tournament, Open Division in Wilmington in February, but at least I got a goal out of it. For now it's back to league matches. We're 1-0 so far and have a double-header this weekend. Staying in shape is a full-time job in itself.

Until the next time!