07 September 2009

Somewhere in the Middle

Greetings! It seemed like a good time to send out an update on the
music now that summer is about over. I have been getting a good amount
of work in on the music, but it has still been a pretty slow process.
It's still impossible to say when the next album will be done. I'm
more or less working on a pool of 18 songs from very new to fairly
old. The lyrics are mostly done on about 11 songs, with the rest still
kind of waiting for some inspiration to hammer home. I've got a good
idea of how all the mixes will go on each of them, so to that end a
lot of them are firmed up. I'll probably shoot for 11-12 songs on the
next album, with some sort of single release that will include other
songs as B-sides, and some remixes. All that's still down the road of
course since I have no idea which song will be the single. So, with
the number of songs I am pouring over, the process is taking its sweet
time. But I like where things are heading. I'm much further along than
the last time I posted. You can always follow me on twitter if you're
curious what I'm specifically working or doing. Enjoy the upcoming
fall season!