01 May 2009

Checking In!

Just another quick post to let everyone know that I am still working on the next album. It is further along than the last time I wrote here, but there is still a very long way to go. Some songs seem to just take care of themselves, while others you really have to work at to get them to the level you think they need to be at. Still, as you get one song elevated and much closer to something you might consider finished, there's another song that's way down at the bottom that needs to be pulled up to the rest. And so it goes, a constant see-saw of work, until the songs all eventually fit into place.

So, I still have no idea when the album will be finished, but I am working on it whenever I can. These things take a lot more time when you don't have a "team" to take care of a lot of work for you. But I enjoy it!

The Pet Shop Boys released their new album recently, titled "Yes". It's a solid album and I like everything on it. This album is filled with some very interesting chord progressions as well, probably more than any of their other albums to this point. Their chord progressions are the best part about their music as far as I'm concerned. Definitely worth a listen.