11 March 2010

The Work Continues...

Spring is finally coming around. I much prefer warm weather to cold and the temps are starting warm up. Winter has been cold.

Work on the next album is still progressing. I have made headway with the songs, so I'd say i'm past the middle at this point. Still don't know when the release will happen, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Some of the songs that will be on the next album, in no particular order: Hold My Breath, Walk Away, Two Faces, Free, The One, and Life Out Loud. It's a slow process, but I like where everything is going.

In the mean time I am spending a lot of time playing soccer on my Over 30 Men's team in Raleigh. We recently played in the NC State Cup final, but lost 4-1. We still have an eye on playing in the Southeast Regionals in a few months. We'll see. We also lost 4-3 in the final of the Seaside Classic Tournament, Open Division in Wilmington in February, but at least I got a goal out of it. For now it's back to league matches. We're 1-0 so far and have a double-header this weekend. Staying in shape is a full-time job in itself.

Until the next time!

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