10 July 2008

Ratings & Reviews

I wanted to thank "Whiskey Bottom" for being the first to not only leave a review on iTunes for Hypersoul and the album GETAWAY, but also for leaving a very positive one. The best way for Hypersoul to grow is for new fans to help out by spreading the word about the music and raising awareness. The main motivation for trying to sell as many songs as possible is to turn the money back into newer music software/equipment, which in turn will continue to improve the sound and overall quality of the tracks. So, the more people I can get behind the music, the better it will get. So, if you've heard the music, like what you hear, and want to support what I am doing, please help by leaving reviews and comments anywhere you can. I will be forever appreciative.

While the actual work may be a ways off, I am already beginning to think about what will come next. It will probably be next year sometime before another album appears. But I have a lot of music to choose from and work on, so it's something I very much look forward to.

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