19 November 2008

Slowly, but Surely

It has been quite a while since anything has been posted here. Since the release of Getaway I have been taking it "easy" by playing a lot of soccer here in North Carolina. I play in an Over 30 men's team which plays in a league and in tournaments. Each year we play in 3 tournaments, one in Wilmington, NC, one in Charleston, SC, and lastly in Asheville, NC. Last week my team played 4 games in two days at the State Cup in Asheville. We managed to get ourselves into the final and will play the other semi-finalist from Greensboro, NC. The game should take place by mid-December and see the winner go on to Regionals. So, it has been pretty exciting to get this far against a lot of other very good teams from around the state. I managed to score twice and get an assist in 4 games. And yes, it was damn cold in Asheville too.

Getting back to music though, I have been steadily, if not slowly, been working on new tracks. Some were written quite a while ago, while others are more recent. Some track names will include "Walk Away", "Hold My Breath", "What in the World", and "Two Faces". Of course there is a ton of work ahead of me, but not as much time as I would like to work on it. So, it's difficult to say when things will be done. But I am working along and very much enjoying the time spent doing it.

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